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NFL Visa gets you a $100 Bonus for Average to Excellent Credit

Barclays NFL Visa gets you a $100 bonus after the first purchase of obtaining a new card. The National Football League (NFL) began processing cards through the British-based company in 2010 after leaving Bank of America. Customers enjoy bonus point accrual and discounted sporting good purchases similar to other reward card programs.


NFL Extra Points Visa Cards are the result of a partnership between Visa, Barclays bank and the NFL Corporation. Industry specialists refer to this type of pairing as credit card co-branding. Larger organizations including colleges and department stores frequently take advantage of co-branding opportunities that work well among built-in customer bases. Branded cards, including those featuring NFL teams, build consumer loyalty while allowing fans to display team spirit. Research data indicates branded cardholders feel more rewarded for their spending than other consumers.

Card Overview

Athletes and couch potatoes benefit from the NFL Extra Points Card. Cardholders receive a 20 percent discount at in addition to the $100 / 10,000-bonus point offer. Every $1 United States dollar (USD) spent at sporting events, team shops and earns two bonus points. All other purchases earn one point for every dollar spent.

There are no caps placed on the amount of points a cardholder may earn and expiration dates are not enforced. Points purchase football merchandise including tickets and gear or convert to cash back statement credits for airfare and hotel costs. Not all rewards are sports related in an effort to retain a wider consumer base.

A zero annual percentage rate (APR) applies to all balance transfers and purchases made by new cardholders within the first twelve months. Interest rates after the initial grace period range from 13.74 to 22.74 percent based on individual credit ratings. Cardholders do not pay an annual fee.

All 32 team logos are available along with the NFL shield for non-partisan fans. Visa backing means that all cardholders enjoy additional features like zero liability for unauthorized purchases, emergency card replacement, travel accident insurance and roadside dispatch services. Card benefits extend beyond sporting arenas.

Comparable Cards

Major League Baseball (MLB) offers the Extra Bases card through Bank of America. Cardholders enjoy a zero APR for seven to ten months and only earn one bonus point for every dollar spent. Bank of America also provides the official National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) card under similar terms. NASCAR cardholders receive a $25 USD credit at instead of consistent shopping discounts.


Customers responded favorably to the NFL Extra Points Visa Card. Many indicate they only use the card for sporting events to receive substantial savings. Paying balances in full maximizes card benefits. Many customers happily report the company uses TransUnion credit reporting as opposed to Equifax and Experian.

Multiple organizations have co-branded Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Armchair quarterback status is not required to apply for the NFL Extra Points Card but consumer reviews indicate only true fans can appreciate all available features. Consumer guides recommended the cards for individuals with average to excellent credit. Online applications and quick approvals are available at

Once you get your $100, use it to pay off the Holidays, a family vacation, or for that new Flat Screen TV you have been dying for!

Super Bowl XLVII Championship 2013: San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens. Prepare yourself now for the 2013 Football Season with one of these cards to support your favorite team.

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